Bdo lahn skill build

bdo lahn skill build

Just like her pre-awakening weapon Crescent Pendulum, they have slightly more range compared to other melee weapons. Soul Raid is one of the skills that display the unique characteristics of the Crimson Glaives.

It is a grab skill, but unlike with other grab skills, the Lahn does not have to be very close to the target.

The Lahn can grab enemies from short-to-mid range using Soul Raid. Another skill is Flailing Blades, where the Lahn rapidly approaches the target that is hit by the spinning blades using the chains.

You should level up or get the frequently used skills first, and then get the rest of the skills if you have some extra skill points. Deadly Dance is one of the skills that is used very frequently. It is a skill where the Lahn spins around with the Crimson Glaives. Deadly Dance is also a good combo skill because it has Floating and Air Smash. The skill also recovers HP and WP, making it even more efficient. The AoE is very large as well. The first hit can inflict Bound and the second hit has Down Smash, so the Lahn can knockback enemies and push them away.

Furor is a good skill to use in the middle of a combo rather than to start a combo. The damage will be reduced during cooldown, but it is possible to use the skill consecutively to accumulate more damage. If you have Flow: Dance with Death, you can deal even more damage after the third hit of Furor. Bleeding Hearts is a skill where the Lahn throws the Crimson Glaives to deal damage, and then pulls them back for an additional blow.

The skill deals massive damage, and also inflicts Knockback and Bound in PvE. It is also a viable skill in PvP because it has Super Armor. Bleeding Hearts can be used as a standalone skill and with quick slots, or as a combo skill during Bridled Despair and Flailing Blades.

Flow: Vice is activated by right clicking after the second hit of Tailspin. It can be used as a standalone skill if you use the skill with quick slots. Use other skills to knock down enemies first, and then use Flow: Vice to deal more damage. The skill also has Super Armor. Flailing Blades is a skill that allows the Lahn to quickly approach a target.

It also gives HP recovery per successful hit, and an attack speed buff. After approaching the target with the first hit, the Lahn will quickly stab the target.

The stab attack will inflict Stun. There are some occasions where the Lahn will not approach the target, but the mechanic itself is still intact even when the skill is on cooldown. The two skills make a good combo. Bleeding Hearts and Flow: Mangler have a similar cooldown length, so it is highly recommended that you use Flow: Mangler after Bleeding Hearts.

Also, the skill can inflict a movement speed debuff and pain damage to enemies while also recovering HP for the Lahn. Bridled Despair is a skill where the Lahn throws her Crimson Glaives and spins them.The Lahn uses a new main-hand weapon called the Crescent Pendulum.

The Crescent Pendulum is a sharp, crescent-shaped pendulum with a ribbon attached to it. The Lahn will throw or kick the pendulum at enemies and spin the weapon around her to attack the enemies nearby. In PvE, the Lahn frequently uses mobility skills to quickly approach targets. Her signature mobility skill, Nimbus Stride, allows her to move a long distance with dynamic action but it is not used in the middle of grinding often since it has a long cooldown and animation delay.

Below are the recommended skill build and skill add-ons for the Lahn. You do not have to follow the exact build, but it will give you a general idea of what skill and add-ons you should get. The Lahn uses different skills and combos from level 1 to 50 and after level Moon Slash is automatically activated when using the basic attack, and Eye of the Phoenix is a combo skill that follows other skills.

The skills do not deal particularly high damage, but they do not have a cooldown so are recommended for fast leveling at low levels. After level 50, leveling up becomes slightly harder and Eye of the Phoenix and Moon Slash cannot clear the mobs fast enough. Salp'uri Purge is a skill where the Lahn spins around in large motion and swings her Crescent Pendulum.

Cymbidium is a skill that has many skills that follow as a combo. The most commonly used skill after Cymbidium is activated by clicking LMB after Cymbidium, and then an additional Flow skill will follow the combo skill if you hold LMB. The following skills will help the Lahn in her DPS cycle or will give the Lahn additional mobility and survivability. Furious ChaseSpring Breezeand Nimbus Stride are the skills that are either used to initiate a combo or for mobility.

Furious Chase is a skill where the Lahn moves a short distance and attacks the enemy with her off-hand weapon. The distance is short, but the casting speed is very fast and the Lahn can quickly connect it to other skills afterwards. It is used as the main mobility skill in PvE. Spring Breeze has three moves that follow it. Furious Chase is a skill where the Lahn dashes forward and swings her Crescent Pendulum.

It has a shorter animation that Spring Breeze. Nimbus Stride is a skill where the Lahn glides a long distance after jumping into the air. It is not a good skill to use in the middle of combat because there is a long animation before the Lahn starts flying, but is a good skill to use to quickly approach an enemy from far away. If you use the skill with keyboard commands, the Lahn gets Forward Guard while charging and Super Armor while attacking. If you use the skill with quick slots, you will not be able to charge so you will deal less damage.

Pendulum Cleaver and Dismemberment will give an Attack Speed buff and AP buff respectively, and the buffs increase as the skill level increases. Skill add-ons will make your pre-awakening skills more powerful.

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Adding Attack Speed and Movement Speed for Blooming Nether Flower is highly recommended as it is one of the most frequently-used pre-awakening skills.

If you want to play more safe, adding HP recovery is a good choice too. However, Eye of the Phoenix is more efficient in terms of HP recovery because it has a higher attack speed. You can get Rabam skills if you reach level 56 or above. For both skills, the Lahn will hit the enemies three times. Both skills have long animations, so neither of the skills are used often.

Thank you for letting me know. When the Lahn's skills were first introduced in the teaser website the name of the skill Salp'uri Purge was written as Soul Cleansing and I got confused.

bdo lahn skill build

I apologize for the confusion. The article has been fixed now. Thank you so much for correcting this! Players on NA are thinking you meant soul ascent.With the recent changes to CC having high resistance has become a priority. Making Griffon ultimately better than Giath. At least 1x JIN Viper is recommended. Boots: Urugon Boots are the most optimal choice for this build. High DR stats with some evasion, making them better than Muskans for this build. Offhand: Nouver is the best offhand for this build.

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Crystals will vary depending on Striker vs Mystic. Gloves: Heve Gloves set bonus. Vipers are not picked here because damage is not your goal and CC is irrelevant to hit-rate. Earrings: Same as Cadry, more expensive and harder to enhance due to being a craftable item and not a monster loot drop. NOTES: All items in this build are under or around 1 billion silver NAthis makes this build very cheap and competitive while remaining nearly unkillable as of date.

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Your goal is to tank, distract, CC, and axe forts. There is an argument here for Red Nose and Rocaba for pure mitigation. Other options include stacking Damage Reduction in the form of Urugons, Griffon, and Iron Vambrace, weapon core, ancient seal, rhutum belt, and token of friendship.

These skills will also work from quick slot. Skip to content.Lahn is extremely agile, with the unprecedented ability to leap and glide through the air for long distances.

Combined with the flexibility of her Crescent Pendulum, her mobility gives her a distinctive edge on the battlefield. Whether facing enemies head on, or raining death from above, she is truly a force to be reckoned with. Below, you will find a list of Lahn skills, along with explanations of how you can integrate them into your gameplay.

Black Desert BDO Mystic Guide 2020

The Crimson Glaives are dual blades connected by a single chain. When wielding the Crimson Glaives, Lahn can use fast and bold movements to attack opponents with both hands. Lahn can also use the chain of the Crimson Glaive to throw the glaives with various special maneuvers. Lahn is skilled at attacking from a distance, and with Awakening has become quicker and stronger at doing so, dealing great damage to opponents in an instant.

In a faraway kingdom to the east, there once was a towering castle, called Kirin. The back of the castle was covered with thick undergrowth, which had begun to creep towards its inner walls.

It was this phenomena the most prominent noble families had come to discuss, however, they were interrupted by a shadow obscuring the light of the moon. Even more worrisome, a beacon of light flashed from the depths of a nearby forest.

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All of these confusing events were accompanied by a gentle fragrance that seemed to suffuse the area. One among the group was a reputed scholar, and it was he who spoke first. For several days, this scent has permeated through the villages and nearby countryside.

Do you not think it the most auspicious of moments, and would not a plant that gives off such a scent be beyond worth?

bdo lahn skill build

Underneath it was a baby as delicate and magnificent as the flower itself. Not long after the soldiers returned with the infant, a rumor spread across the kingdom naming her a goddess of orchids, who had been reborn into the realm as a blessing from the heavens.

The kingdom rejoiced as the king they once reviled vowed to raise the infant to be a Protector of the Realm. The child had unimaginable latent potential. Many martial artists of the kingdom, recognizing this, wanted to be the one to teach her, however, the king had his own ideas about her education. She was taught to perform ceremonial sword dances at festivals and other special events, however, though she performed beautifully, she was not allowed to pursue any further training in swordsmanship.

While she could not train her body, she was able to hone her mind, beneath the tutelage of many great sages. At 16, the child became a shrine guardian and took on many new roles. She did her best to advise the kingdom with her peerless mind and rhetoric, wanting nothing more than to put kingdom back on the right track after many years of rule by the reviled king.

Does it not seem odd, mayhap preposterous… Dare I even say treasonous Though he had taken her in as a way to pacify his subjects and regain favor with them, he now wondered if he had created a rival who would seek to steal his throne. She would only be released to perform rituals for the shrine. He introduced himself as Yeung Reung-Hyang, a member of the court, but he claimed that one day, he would be the strongest person in all the kingdom, as well as the most learned.

Anyone can tell by how skillfully you perform your ceremonial dances. Everyone who sees them is captivated by your ability. Do you really want to spend the rest of your days with only your books to learn from? The shrine guardian was quick to agree with Yeung. To commemorate this occasion, Yeung gifted the shrine guardian with a long and sturdy cloth to tie up her hair during what would be many years of training.Lahns are martial artists who crossed over to the Black Desert continent from a far eastern kingdom.

When they are fighting with the Crescent Pendulum, it almost looks like they are dancing as they cut through their enemies. They are agile and quick on their feet and can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging their Crescent Pendulum. By careful manipulation of the swinging motion, they can even deliver attacks from all sides. While enemies are distracted by the bold movements of the Crescent Pendulum, they can swiftly move great distances in the air.

This class can MOVE. Not only are her small passive skills related to speed movement and attack speedsa number of her attacks include a forward dash which combined with the wide degree AoE of her attacks lets her quite easily fight in PvE grinding through mobs, given that her raw damage output is quite nice as well. But her legendary status for mobility comes from one single skill: Nimbus Stride, particularly when it gets the added skill to increase its duration.

The mobility that Lahn gets from an extended Nimbus Stride is so great that it's a debate whether or not she needs to bother using a horse. The original Nimbus Stride can be used once every 15 seconds, the extension once every 30 seconds. Even on flat ground the distance an extended Stride covers within its roughly 4 second total duration is quite long.

Skill calculator

However, the skill also gives her 10 seconds of complete fall protection. A Lahn can, quite literally, launch herself off of a massively high sheer cliff or the edge of a high castle watchtower in the exact direction they want to go to their goal, glide an absolutely obscene distance quickly and land without a scratch, a move that would instantly kill any other class who attempted it and therefore they need to go the long way around.

To top it off, Lahn gets a 10 second boost to her ground movement speed afterwards and can end the initial glide with a ground-pounding AoE attack against any enemies below her in an awe-inspiring aerial ambush. She is also able to change direction to a degree in mid-air, so she is not locked into a pure straight-line movement. With her passive and active speed boosts on and equipped with the Talis armor set for a movement bonus she has been seen outrunning, on foot, other players who are on horseback at a full gallop.

One key weakness that she has in order to be somewhat balanced, her defences are quite fragile given she favors lighter, more mobile clothing and armor. This can make duel and group PvP tricky, both in solo duels and groups, if she goes up against tough opponents; her best option is to get into a key position for an ambush before anyone expects her to get there that fast, then Nimbus Stride in hard on a more fragile opponent or two and rapidly blast them flat before they realize what is happening.

Open-world PvP at level 50 can be a different story. Only a Lahn can keep up with a Lahn and the wide AoE nature of her attacks makes them very difficult to dodge, so if the target is carefully chosen and your equipment is good an ambush from a Lahn can be very dangerous. Your only option will be to throw everything you have into the fight since there's no way you'll escape, and consequently if the fight starts to go poorly for the Lahn a single Nimbus Stride off the side of a cliff will put her completely out of reach of her opponent.

Once she gets her Awakened weapons and skills, the Crimson Glaives, things really shift. Instead of just one skill giving health regeneration per hit and a second through a Skill Addon via the Pendulum, MANY of the primary attack combos with the Glaives give much stronger health regeneration per hit.

This combination of regular Super Armor boosts and massive health regeneration gives the Lahn incredible staying power, and allows her to be a serious threat against Bosses and in PvP.

Some of the skills under the Pendulum can still be used with Glaives such as Nimbus Stride and the general passive buffs, and if you un-equip the Pendulum to prevent yourself from accidentally switching to it you'll lose access to those skills and any general buffs you gain from the weapon. In a faraway eastern kingdom, there was a towering castle, called Kirin.

The growth that covered the back of Kirin Castle began creeping towards the inner walls of the castle. The most prominent noble families of the kingdom were discussing the implications of this omen when a shadow started to creep upon the full moon. Then, a light started glowing from a distant part of the forest nearby. The nobles also noticed a soft and gentle fragrance coming from the forest and surrounding Kirin Castle. This smell has been permeating the village nearby for several days already.Skype mmocs.

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FIFA 20 Coins. You to Be. Black Desert Online was known as the only piece that provides an offline PC game gameplay experience but it an online game in essence.

bdo lahn skill build

But you can sit a little far away from the display to eliminate the minor resolution difference. However, Black Desert is a game full of gameplay elements, rather than an interactive adult movie.

The prerequisites are Awakening swap skills i. The Lahn, which is currently only available in KR, is the only class that does not have to have Awakening swap skills to learn Absolute skills. The game has its own time system, and day night switch. Vell is a huge ocean boss that can only be damaged with cannons. You should always keep an eye on how many Martial Spirit Shards you have.

The skills deal different amounts of damage according to the number of Shards you have. Most monsters in the area are more robust than Sausan or Bashim, and the grinding speed is also slow due to ranged monsters and location-fixed monsters.

If your party members need more Accuracy, use Party Elixir of Concentration. By following the above tips, you can make your character awesome both in PvE and PvP. Just finish mainline quests to push the scenario forward, relief from the tedious sub line quests.

Most of the Awakening skills perform better than non-Awakening skills, but Dragon Shatter and Whirlpool are regarded as weaker than non-Awakening skills so some players do not get the two skills. No matter how poor your gameplay is, you can be a playmaker as awesome as those youtubers in Black Desert Online.

Also, the Mystic has some skills that are exclusive to her and have skill effects that the Striker does not have.

Black Desert Online Lahn is the finest eye-catcher class in the game. The character is based on an ancient decorated Chinese female, but do not amused by its charming posture, they are one of the best killer in the game. Roses are spiny. Besides the most beautiful class in BDO, you can earn free silver from us Eacgame.

So do not expect too much about the game. Quick Order. Type your order sheet number in the blank and click the button to inquire the transacting status.

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Why Choose us.Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play-style! The Lahn class is a martial artist who comes from Eastern Valencia. They use a Crescent Pendulum as their primary weapon and a Noble Sword as their secondary weapon. At level 56, the Lahn unlocks their awakening weapon which is the Crimson Glaives, duel wield blades attatched with a chain.

She is a high damaging duelist with lots of protection skills, mobility and CC, as well as a long range grab. This class excells in 1v1 situations but when in mass PVP it is much harder to stay protected and do high damage at the same time. Lahn is one of the squisher classes in the game and during large fights, should look for smaller skirmishes, attack backlines, and pick off targets who are out of place. Lahn is also especially good in cannon teams or as a flex member. Weak against: Lahn struggles against other top tier duelist classes.

Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening. Moondance [LMB]. This skill is automatically skilled into when you level up and is your basic attack skill.

It is a low damage skill used for regenerating your WP or gathering up monsters. Blooming Affinity Passive. The skill is automatically leveled up once you reach level Stately Dignity [Q]. The skill also allows you to sprint without using stamina. Zephyr Passive. This skill is your passive and can be leveled up to increase your attack speed. I recommend leveling up this skill when you have the spare points. Nirvana Step Passive. This skill is your passive and can be leveled up to increase your movement speed.

Awakening: Crimson Glaives of Antiquity [C]. This skill allows you to swap between your main hand and awakening weapon.